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In January 2006 we formed a Yahoo Group on Iodine. The website is one part of that group.

As of 2009, The Iodine Group has almost 3000 members interested in understanding how to use iodine for the health of the body. The members include medical practitioners, researchers, people with various health challenges, and people interested in improving total body health.

Most members are from the US, but there are also members from many other countries.


Whereas the iodine4health website concentrates on iodine research, The Iodine Group emphasizes how to use iodine for health.  For example, you will find links on various iodine supplements, where to test for iodine sufficiency, and various protocols on how to use iodine.  You can search the email archives to find discussions of special interest to you.  And you can email your own personal iodine questions and discoveries.

The Iodine Group has hundreds of links to a wide range of references. For example, there are links on various sources of iodine (e.g., seaweed, dairy, salt, Lugol’s, Iodoral, Iosol, Cayce formulas, etc.), cautions when supplementing with iodine, other nutrients that are especially important when supplementing (e.g., selenium, magnesium, iron, Vitamins C and A), and general clinical guidelines. 


There are also links on interacting toxins (e.g., fluoride, bromide, perchlorate, and mercury), research on iodine and various diseases, historical uses of iodine, the physiology of iodine, iodine and animals, and global Iodine Deficiency Disorders.

The Iodine Group has an active and supportive email community with an extensive email archive.  It is a great place to post your own personal questions about how to use iodine and to share your personal experiences.

If you are interested in learning more about iodine, please join us:


There is also a small subgroup that focuses on scientific research about iodine:  IodineResearch.  As of 2009, Iodine Research has approximately 150 members and is primarily for Iodine Researchers in various fields -- e.g., biochemistry, iodine physiology, medicine, and cancer research. 


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